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Do you only work with older adults (55+)?

Through Blooming Caravan, I specialize in providing creative experiences for older adults, but creativity itself has no age restrictions. If our services resonate with you, get in touch so we can discuss your ideas.

Do I need to be creative to participate?

I believe we are all born creative and that our inner creativity spontaneously emerges when we do the things we love. I offer such a wide variety of activities through Blooming Caravan that everyone can find something they enjoy. We’ll talk about your favourite activities during our initial conversation. 

What kind of projects can I expect to do?

The projects are based on your interests and limited only by our imaginations. A Project Menu is provided to help suggest and hone ideas. Visits could include, but are not limited to, nature-inspired art, cooking with seasonal ingredients, therapeutic gardening, and/or documenting your life stories in writing or video. They are always planned in advance, pleasurable, and fun. 

How long is the commitment for Creative Companionship visits?

It’s important to me that this feels like a good fit for you. That’s why the first month of the Creative Companionship Series is always a no-obligation trial. After the trial period is over, I recommend scheduling visits for an 8- to 12-week period (i.e., 2 to 3 months at a time) so that we can establish consistency and depth in our work together. Ask about special offers for longer commitments.

I don’t like X activity. Can I substitute another?

Not to worry. Although I always encourage people to try new things, I will never make you do something you don’t like. This is supposed to be fun after all! All our activities are planned and confirmed in advance so there won’t be any surprises.

I have mobility issues / I’m living with a chronic condition / cognitive and/or memory issues.

I’m proud to individually coordinate a personalized program for every client. Programs are developed at least 1 week in advance, and they always cater to your abilities. If personal care or cognitive issues are a concern, we may require a home care worker or loved one to support our time together, but that won’t stop us from enjoying ourselves! If you have an especially unique situation, contact me so we can create a program that works for you. 

Do you provide health care, nursing, or medical services?

I’m a therapeutic wellness provider who facilitates your participation in creative and nature-inspired activities. Clients must be able to look after their basic self-care needs independently, with minimal assistance, or ensure that a care partner or personal support worker is available for the full duration of Blooming Caravan visits.

What kind of supplemental training do you have?

Since I offer such a wide range of activities through Blooming Caravan, I always ensure that I have up-to-date First Aid and CPR Training (St. John Ambulance), Food Handler Certification, and a Police Vulnerable Sector Screening. I’m a Toronto Master Gardener and a member of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association. I’m also covered by professional liability insurance. During our initial consultation, these certifications are presented along with references.

Join me on LinkedIn to learn more about my experience. 

Do you only work with clients living in family homes?

Not at all! I can come to you wherever you live, be it your family home, a nursing home, in assisted living, or in a retirement community. 

In what areas are your services available?

Blooming Caravan is based in Toronto, Ontario. My primary catchment area focuses on West End Toronto neighbourhoods, but I can work with clients across the GTA (an additional travel fee may apply). 

Can spouses, family members, or friends join in?

Though Creative Companionship visits are designed as a one-to-one experience, I would be happy to create activities that include more than one participant. Contact me to discuss your ideas.

Can you provide a presentation or workshop for our group or centre?

I would love to! My workshop and presentation topics include Creativity in Older Age, Therapeutic Indoor or Outdoor Gardening, Adaptive Creative Techniques, Introducing Creative Companionship to Your Loved Ones, and others. Blooming Caravan Specialty Programs start at $250. Please feel free to contact me directly with your event details. 

I’d like to introduce more creative time into my loved one’s life. Can you show me how to do what you do?

Yes! There is nothing like the support of loved ones. Care Partner Training is exclusively designed for care partners and family members. If you have a specific project in mind or you would like to spend more enriched time with your loved one, I can customize an activity plan and walk you through expectations and outcomes. 

Is Blooming Caravan a government or non-profit organization?

Blooming Caravan is an independent, for-profit company based in High Park, in Toronto’s West End. A portion of all Blooming Caravan profits are donated to Roots of Empathy

Is this service covered by OHIP or insurance?

Unfortunately, this type of service isn’t typically covered by government-funded health care, grants, or insurance providers.

However, doctors are now recognizing the tangible health benefits of art, gardening, and movement, especially when those activities are done with others. Doctors in the UK, for instance, are increasingly prescribing art classes, gardening clubs, and walking groups—as an alternative to pills—to patients with mental health challenges. According to Marie Polley, founder of the Social Prescribing Network, these social activities can “often be more transformative than just giving them medication, which doesn't always get to the root of the cause.”

Let’s hope that we see a similar movement take shape here in Ontario!

Can I give Blooming Caravan as a gift?

Of course! What a nice idea. Take a look at our specialty gift series. Write to me and we’ll figure out the details. 

I have another question.

Absolutely. If your question wasn’t covered here or on my Services page, write to me. I’d be happy to help. 

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