Let Your Creative Companionship Flow

still life drawing

Wanting to introduce a creative project to a loved one? Pack a basket and be ready to improvise!

Let me tell you about my recent experience.

To make sure I gather the appropriate supplies for Creative Companionship Sessions, I always discuss upcoming activities with clients in advance. This made the start of this particular visit especially frustrating. Anticipating an afternoon of making flower cards, I arrived with a gorgeous bunch of peonies for the centre of our kitchen studio table. Lo and behold, the conversation kept steering towards bell peppers, with my client showing little interest in what I thought we were doing. I was mystified.

I was about to give up on the planned art activity for the day when it occurred to me that I could set up a pepper-focused still life. All of a sudden my client was churning out vegetable drawings, and I was taking down detailed instructions on how to make the world's best stuffed peppers, our agreed-upon project for the following week.

So there you have it! My advice for this week's Tricks of the Trade Thursday is to always arrive with a basket of inspiration, yet also allow your creative companionship to flow. What lands on the paper might bear little resemblance to your vision, but the time together will be meaningful and engaging when you can let go of your artistic expectations. After all, getting creative is supposed to be fun for everyone involved!