How a Backpack of Corn Can Make You a Rebel

 Be sure to fill your visit bag with some fresh Ontario produce.

I don't consider myself a food rebel, yet it felt subversive to enter a posh retirement home with a backpack filled with corn. My bringing in fresh Ontario corn this week was about filling a simple client request to hold a mini corn roast in her room. As hotplates are considered a no-no, we came up with a microwave-friendly plan (thank you, Google) and started husking away.

After a course of beeps from the microwave indicated that we were ready to feast, I made the newbie blunder of suggesting that we could cut the corn from the cob, to make it easier to eat. I was nearly sent away hungry!

It turns out that serving corn on the cob as is was the whole point! It’s also exactly what you wouldn't find coming out of the retirement home kitchen. While grabbing the butter dish and salt shaker from my bag, I started to wonder what other decadent lessons of disruption I would be learning next by hanging out with seniors.

With a bountiful summer harvest upon us, be sure to fill your visit bag with some fresh Ontario produce, but steer clear of the microwave if you aren’t looking to have a food revolution on your hands.